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If you are baptized - no matter where you have come from - you are already, in a sense, a member of St. Paul-Reformation.  We take baptism so seriously that we are constantly aware that we are members of Christ's body along with people in other communities and traditions, even if we have never met them!


So, rather than speaking of "membership" per se, we invite you to live out your faith in this community.  This is done one of several ways:

  • Baptism into the Christian faith after a period of formation;

  • Transfer from another Lutheran congregation;

  • Transfer from another Christian community


Because no one is the same and no faith journey is the same, we invite you to participate in our intentional program of formation for new members to this community called "The Way."  This is a lengthy process and new members are invited - but not required - to participate in it.  You can learn more about "The Way" by clicking here.


If you are interested in living out your faith in this community, we would love to talk to you more and hear where it is that God may be calling you to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  First step: come and worship with us.  Second: pray.  Third: contact the Pastor and let's have lunch; we would love to chat more and think together with you about the next steps to be faithful to God's call.  You can e-mail the pastor by clicking here.


"There is no longer Jew nor Greek,  slave nor free, male or female.  All are one in Christ Jesus."

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